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A land of great civilizations, mysterious and breathtaking natural wonders, situated between Europe and Asia, Turkey is a country with high mountains and deep valleys, sandy beaches, inland forests of olive and pine trees, traditional villages and cosmopolitan cities. From the Hittites to the myth of Troy, the adventures of Alexander the Great to the early Christian church, from the Roman and Byzantine Empires to the Ottomans, Turkey has assimilated many different cultures and has experienced a plethora of notable historical events. Archaeological evidence suggests that Anatolia has been inhabited for many millennia. South of Konya is Çatalhöyük, the world’s second-oldest, and best-preserved neolithic site. Göbekli tepe, near Şanlı Urfa, is the oldest known structure built by man and the world's first temple. In Cappadoccia you can visit the stealthy underground cities built by early Christians, during the Roman persecution and all over the country are grand and stunning Mosques built by the Seljuk and Ottoman dynasties. In short, whether you are a history buff, gourmet, or just someone looking to relax on the beach, party all night or shop till you drop, Turkey has something to offer for every kind of traveler. For more information, please send us an email at